Recipe: Braised Fish with Five-Flavor Sauce (Wu Wei Yu, 五味魚 )

Since Lent I’ve been trying to maintain at least a meatless dinner on Fridays (to keep some penitential aspect to the day).  I’ve been making Caramelized Catfish Vietnamese style nearly every Friday until I ran out of the dark caramel sauce this week. I like simple poachIng or braising recipes for fish – it is … Continue reading Recipe: Braised Fish with Five-Flavor Sauce (Wu Wei Yu, 五味魚 )

 Recipe #1: 魯肉麵 (Lu Ruo)  (Pork Meat Sauce over Noodles)

Low maintenance recipes get me excited.   Recipes that are low maintenance that can also be used for multiple meals are better.  Sounds like spaghetti sauce?  You’re right!  This one is like a Taiwanese ragu!! One of the ingredients is fried shallots. My goodness – anything with fried shallots has to be delish!  Whenever I … Continue reading  Recipe #1: 魯肉麵 (Lu Ruo)  (Pork Meat Sauce over Noodles)

Fun Fact Friday #1

I think I’ll have to make themes for certain days of the week to keep myself blogging regularly..  And I made something pretty mediocre for dinner tonight (not from the cookbook though!) so no food stuff today!  Soo let fun fact Friday commence!  🙂  Since it is the first of May… Did you know that … Continue reading Fun Fact Friday #1

Hello world!

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged regularly.   I was inspired to start a new blog after getting my new cookbook in the mail: The Food of Taiwan by Cathy Erway. Yes, YES!  I’m totally ripping off Julie & Julia (the lady who blogs and cooks through Julia Child’s book).  However I’m … Continue reading Hello world!